Seamless aluminium guttering is the most up-to-date material for the replacement and new guttering projects and is already used extensively by Local Authorities, and large private contractors.

The system has been used For over 40 years in the U. S. A, Australia, Europe and Ireland and was originally developed to cope with the very contrasting weather conditions in Canada.

Premier Seamless guttering is manufactured in made-to-measure lengths on site, with no joints except at the ends of runs. There are no ugly external brackets and instead high tensile extruded aluminium hangers are incorporated within the gutter, providing a cantilever support and pressing the gutter, more firmly to the fascia when under load.

Aluminium is resistant to atmospheric corrosion agents and is 23 times stronger than p.v.c. No painting is required as the material is factory polyester powder coated in a choice of black, white, brown or special order colours, Guttering will retain a good appearance for around 15 years and after many years of service, it can be over-painted.

The aluminium gutter is produced in a classical “ogee” section to enhance the appearance of both old and new buildings. The 125mm and 150mm cross section offers the opportunity to handle more than 3 times the volume of standard plastic guttering, so stormwater, ladders and snow falls are handle with ease.

Downpipes and other accessories are all prepared in an identical finish, including cast-eared connectors to give the appearance of cast-iron, if required.
Premier Seamless Gutters therefore provide a cost effective, durable, maintenance free, and attractive guttering system which conforms to the International Board of Agreement and British Standards.